We take pride in protecting your privacy. Our system is designed to keep family information within the family. Each Authorized Griot (AG) will receive an unique number referred to as an ID CODE.  This code is given as an identifyer to keep all of your contents and transactions organized. It is also used as a communication tool between GriotBook and the AG or Family Historian.  It is a security code to prevent unauthorized users from obtaining important information. 

1. Once the initial down payment is made for the GriotBook purchase, You will be issued an ID CODE number via email. Store this number in a secure place.  We are not responsible for unauthorized users who have access to your files via your ID CODE. We urge you NOT to share this code with anyone, but we do require that you have at least 2 family members on your account just in case you are no longer available to be the authorized Griot.

2.  No one will be able to access files, make changes to your GriotBook or Purchase the family heirloom without that ID Code. We are serious about keeping your History exclusive to your family only. If you lose your ID Code, you will be required to answer a few security questions that were asked of you in the initial purchase of your GriotBook services.
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